Chapter 1: What is Yoga?
In yoga the body is stimulated, stretched, and relaxed to promote exercise to all of the muscle groups of the body. Unlike many other kinds of physical exercises, yoga also works in a subtle way... it is especially good for relieving stress because it helps to channel out negative emotions and mental stress.
Chapter 2: Yoga & the Preconception Stage
In your own small way, you and your spouse will play a role in creating a better future generation.
Chapter 3: Yoga and Pregnancy
Words fall short to convey the value of yoga during pregnancy...
Chapter 4: Yogic Postures for Pregnancy (Asanas)
Yoga is not just the physical exercises; it is changing lifestyle and changing mental attitude in a positive way.
Chapter 5: Yogic Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
The proper and regular practice of Pranayama also brings blood pressure down, lowers anxiety, improves digestion, and increases mental peace.
Chapter 6: Meditation
For the pregnant woman, and for every human being, the practice of daily meditation brings inner strength, confidence, and the ability to grow as a person. It helps you to meet all kinds of situations and challenges with confidence and a clear mind.
Chapter 7: Creating a Life-Thrilling Experience with Labor
It's important to understand the physiology of the process of labor and then to let nature, your instincts, and your nurse and physician work together to achieve this amazing feat.
Chapter 8: Yoga as Complementary Medicine to Prevent Certain Pregnancy Illnesses
Chapter 9: Yogic Diet
It is not only important to count the calories that you consume, but also what you eat, when you eat, and with what attitude you eat.
Chapter 10: Yoga and the Postpartum Period & Beyond
Pranayamas are extremely useful in reshaping your body and physiological systems
Chapter 11: Wisdom to Live By
Happy and healthy family units make a strong nation and the universe a better place in which to live.